2008 Next Wave Festival Club

The frustrating beauty of Festival clubs, like good looks, pets and Middle East peace accords is that they don’t last forever. But what a thrill when they are happening! For the 16 days of the Festival the 2008 Next Wave Festival Club will ignite, flare and burn before it wafts gracefully into the Melbourne air.

Located at the Mercat Cross Hotel, at 456 Queen Street right near the Vic Market, the 2008 NWF Club will be the place to meet and rave about all the Festival shows. It will be a place to drink nice drinks in nice glasses and be funnier and more attractive than you have ever been before.

The 2008 NWF Club is also a space for our forums and workshops. (Check out the Polyphonic listing in this program.)

The 2008 Next Wave Festival Club: debrief, recover, plan you next move, politely bitch and/or praise, and/or crack on to some one who is happy for you to crack on them. It’s your space in the 2008 Next Wave Festival, fleeting as it is.


[in alphabetical order]