Nightclub 2

Everybody's Free (2008 Next Wave Festival Closing Party)

Welcome to the Super Club, a hyper-real arena of colour, synaesthesia and excess, where the regimentation and pressures of modern life are temporarily forgotten and the dream of freedom lives on.

Ah yes…the Big Night Out. The getting dressed, the gang, the venue, the music, the dancing, the getting wasted and then retiring to the street or the carpark for some time out. The anticipation, the crushes, the disco pashes, the moments of exhilaration (artificially induced or otherwise). Pulsating, rhythmic beats and visual distortions coalescing to mobilise a collective spirit of peace, love and unity.

And yet despite the efforts of some to promote the dream of cultural diversity, artistic independence and universal spirituality, club culture is an international, multi-million dollar market with rationalised administration and marketing strategies. Commercial tie-ins, merchandising and franchising deals propel the Super Club juggernaut, destabilising the dream of dance-floor democracy. How do people connect – with themselves and each other – in this hedonistic playground? How is the reality and mundaneness of everyday life reflected, distorted, exaggerated or ignored under the Super Club roof? Beyond the circus of beats, mixes, bass and booty, is everyone equally welcome at this global mega-party? Are punters the ultimate commodities in the Super Club machine, and is everybody really free?

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4 Eva More, Andrew Atchison, Timothy Kendall Edser, Electra Foley, Tetronomicon (Janie Gibson & Phoebe Torzillo), Kirsty Hulm, Helen Johnson, Kyle Kremerskothen, Shane McGrath, Rob McCredie, Moop Jaw, Spiros Panigirakis, The Quote Generator, Soda_Jerk, Yandell Walton, Soo-Joo Yoo, DJs Paz, Toupee, Gordy and more!


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