Nightclub 1

Pure Pleasure

Oozing into the spaces in and around The Men’s Gallery, Nightclub 1: Pure Pleasure investigates the ways in which the social and architectural environment of this very loaded space feeds ideas of gender and sexuality into the world at large, and invites artists from across disciplines to consider how they might be reimagined. The regular flow of genders and behaviours around The Men’s Gallery are temporarily diverted and rechanneled into newly-imagined possibilities and encounters.

How much are these ideas embedded in the architecture of club itself? What kind of relationships are facilitated by the space? Nightclub 1: Pure Pleasure creates mini utopias and dystopias that explore hitherto unimagined possibilities for gendered identity, exchange and pleasure, as well as revealing the darker side of mainstream gender norms. Spaces between bodies expand and collapse in an interplay of private, personal and public: a complex web of agency and control in which unspoken contracts are made between performers and punters, men and women, desire and commerce.

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Zoe Coombs Marr, Luke George, Amber Haines & Lily Paskas, Kate Just, Alex Martinis Roe, Michael Meneghetti, Clare Rae, Lee Serle, Noël Skrzypczak, Salote Tawale, Jensen Tjhung, Torrie, Luke Warm and May Bluebell, Jacob Weiss, Kellie Wells, DJs Jnett, Declan Kelly, Kapitolina and more!


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