Yelling at Stars

A Transmission into Space

Performance, sound, video, web

Messages have been sent into space since the 1970s, from episodes of I Love Lucy to complex mathematical equations. As yet, nothing has been heard back. No wonder; we have approached our message-sending like a job interview, presenting a well adjusted, thriving Earth, overflowing with perky, attractive genius.

It’s time for some honesty. The fastest way to make contact with others is to expose something about ourselves, our own frailty and vulnerability. We’re a beautiful yet destructive stressed-out plague of people destroying our habitat who feel in so many ways personally, culturally, and geographically alone.

Yelling at Stars is Australia’s first interstellar message to be transmitted deep into outer space. The project occurs in two stages; first, log on to to be taken on a behind-the-scenes tour of the science and art of inter-stellar messaging, register your attendance and tell us what you would yell to the deep.

The one-off performance event will take place at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl on the closing night of the 2008 Next Wave Festival. It will be recorded, filmed and streamed directly onto the web. Deep Space Communications Network in Florida, USA, will then convert this broadcast into radio waves and transmit it light-years into outer space.

Yelling at Stars is a message that uses humour, pathos and the occasional cover song to give a personal account of humanity’s struggle to deal with its own sense of isolation.

With an introduction by Anton Enus, SBS World News Australia presenter and featuring the new song Computer Love by TZU.


Willoh S. Weiland (Project Director/Writer/Performer), Andrew Fraser (Video and Web Design), Billow & Wry (Art Design), David Young (Mentor), Dr. Christopher Fluke (Astronomy Consultant), Nicky Forster (Research Writer/Audio Documentary), Pip Norman (Sound Composer/ Designer), Richard Vabre (Production Manager/Lightning Designer), Roger Alsop (Mentor/Project Development/Interactive Programming), Georgina Read (Visual Artist) Hanna Parssinen (Ice Sculptor).

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