We Are Hidden And We Can See You. We Are Hidden And You Can See Us.

Multidisciplinary, visual art

The creative process is something that we are all familiar with, especially when it comes to the back and forth of ideas, opinions and dialogue. But is this process a shared experience? Artists, curators and viewers are all part of the creative process, or at least should be, but are viewers too removed from this process? Is this removal something that distances them from artworks?

By scrutinising the creative process can we find understanding in the relationship between the artwork and ourselves? Our scene, our culture, our discourse—it is the finished product. Now we seek to reaffirm the process, to draw you and me and them into it.


Shae Nagorcka (Curator). Gwenneth Boelens, Eric Demetriou, Helen Grogan, Tess McKenzie, Nick Selenitsch, Jacob Weiss, Nikki Wynnychuk

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City of Yarra
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