What would you do if this happened to you?

Urgent is based on a novel written by four young women that explores their heritage and the many questions around the Stolen Generation. Urgent is a powerful story of loss and rediscovery about three young women who discover they are sisters.

This performance provides a place for young people to begin the next chapter of Urgent, a novel which discusses Aboriginal health, the Stolen Generation and reconciliation. It presents the voices of young Aboriginal people and celebrates youth and Aboriginal culture. In 2004 Urgent received an award from the Australian Medical Association for Outstanding Contribution to the Health of Young Australians.

Director Julia Torpey, one of the four original authors of the novel, has taken this inspiring story and, with the support of the Courthouse Youth Arts Centre and Wathaurong Aboriginal Co-operative, has created a powerful yet subtle piece of theatre, designed to prompt the audience to question their views on reconciliation and the human tragedy of the Stolen Generation, and to consider for a moment how they would react if placed in this situation. Urgent aims to project young people’s voices and to get at the core of what really is important to them as their lives unfold.


Julia Torpey (Director), Richard McKinnon (Designer), Glenn Shea (Directing Mentor), Robyne Latham (Production Consultant), Tanja Beer (Design Mentor), Ben Laden (Artistic Director), Members of the Wathaurong Co-operatives Koori Young Women’s Group

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