Unsheltered Workshops

Visual arts, hybrid, residencies

Unsheltered Workshops is the 2008 Next Wave Festival’s major cultural exchange activity and involves a series of international artist residencies, public interventions across the city, and a major exhibition project at the VCA Margaret Lawrence Gallery.

Unsheltered Workshops brings together a diverse and dynamic group of Australian and International artists, all of whose practices involve workshopping activities with the general public or specific social groups.

Examining the connections and dialogue facilitated by this mode of artistic exchange but also its limits and failings, Unsheltered Workshops considers both the difficulties and unexpected triumphs – big and small – arising from art’s engagement with the broader social sphere.

Participating artists and projects in Unsheltered Workshops include:

Toronto-based artist duo The Movement Movement (Jenn Goodwin and Jessica Rose), whose on-running project mobilises large groups of the general public to participate in choreographed jogging expeditions through the world’s major art museums. Over the course of the Next Wave Festival, The Movement Movement will organise a unique running event though one of Melbourne’s major arts institutions. To register your interest or participation please visit www.themovementmovement.ca

New York-based performance and video artist Lynne Chan, who will be organising and broadcasting a live telethon-style broadcast in a specially constructed set in the gallery space. This performative action aims to promote and recruit members for her cult organisation L.A.U.R.E.L (Lesbians and Unicorns Resisting Every Limit), a fictional recreation of a 1980s political front group.

To participate or perform in this event, email href="/mailto:jjchinois@gmail.com">jjchinois@gmail.com

New Zealand artist Liz Allan, who will be investigating structures for education and learning in a project titled Untitled (Necessary Conditions), is carefully researching the exhibition’s situation in a university gallery. Over the course of her residency, Allan will develop a free “school” within the geographical borders of the VCA, which utilises alternative structures and systems to disseminate non-institutionally generated knowledge.

For workshop dates, times and further information please email href="/mailto:ela@allan.co.nz">ela@allan.co.nz

Melbourne’s Evergreen Terrace (Liv Barrett and James Deutsher), whose projects explore the multiple possibilities and outcomes of artistic collaboration, and whose joint publication initiative Evergreen utilises publishing and editing as a means of targeted social engagement and participation.

Over the course of the Festival, each artist or group will be undertaking a public action, or series of actions, that broaden the artistic process to encompass diverse communities and participants. From televised broadcasts to one-on-one discussions, to mass-choreographed exercises in institutional subversion, Unsheltered Workshops offers multiple points of engagement for an equally diverse audience.


Liz Allan (New Zealand), Lynne Chan (USA), Evergreen Terrace (Liv Barrett & James Deutsher, Australia), The Movement Movement (Jenn Goodwin & Jessica Rose, Canada)

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