This Is Now

Visual art

Our society’s celebration of freedom has made every choice an opportunity to express our identity. The food we eat, the clothes we wear and the entertainment we consume all define our place in society. Lifestyle choice defines product choice.

Sebastian Moody’s This is Now is an artistic research project that tests the aesthetic potency of contemporary advertising. Moody uses market research techniques (interviews, surveys and focus groups) to determine how our society’s unconscious desires manifest through the language of advertising.

Moody has created his own ‘advertisements’ based entirely on ‘data’ generated through this research processes. These advertisements describe our society’s lifestyle values and emotional needs. Moody’s ads are then presented in real advertising spaces and in this way become ‘super-advertisements’, or advertisements of social understanding. Keep an eye out for these ads in a variety of print and film media during the Festival, and visit the Hero Billboard as you make your way through the city.

In essence, This is Now is an experimental project that uses advertising research and production methodology to explore the nature of lifestyle choice and identity creation.

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Sebastian Moody

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