Agents of Proximity

Photography, text, performance

Agents of Proximity is a local, artist-run travel service, based in the Melbourne suburb of Brunswick. It is an exploration of the ways in which the rituals and mindsets associated with travel can be applied to the spaces we inhabit, the streets we walk down daily and the places that we think we know.

There are a myriad of different ways in which people experience the same neighbourhood, the same shared geographical space. Multiple worlds co-exist, one on top of the other. It’s all about trying to move between these worlds, finding the points where they connect, or don’t.

For the past few months the Agents of Proximity have been taking people from Brunswick on travels within their own neighbourhood, creating new encounters between people, and between people and places. The result is an exhibition of photographic and textual works and the launch of the Brunswick Travel Guide, all happening out of a coin laundry masquerading as a Travel Agency.

Drop in, see the exhibition, have a cuppa and a chat, get the Guide and discover a whole new way of travelling. Check the website for more details about special events happening throughout the Festival.


Amy Spiers, Victoria Stead

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