The Puma, The Stranger & The Mountain

Visual art

The Puma, The Stranger & The Mountain sees Dunkeld-based artist Trevor Flinn explore the myth of the puma, which allegedly stalks the Grampians foothills near his home in western Victoria.

Media collide as Trevor probes the latent underpinnings of regional life and landscape: identity; isolation; belief; freedom and captivity; desire and sexuality; raised by the tales of this wild cat, which is believed to have prowled the local landscape for decades.

In the first of a series of Melbourne–Dunkeld artist exchanges organised by Trevor, Melbourne-based artist Ceclia Fogelberg has joined him in his investigations, and has produced a series of paintings to accompany this diverse body of work. Depicting strange and unfamiliar landscapes populated by pop cultural outsiders, Fogelberg’s works respond to the extreme nature of the Australian bush and raise issues of belonging and disconnection alongside uncanny visions of self and nature.

Together, these artists pursue the puma through its visible and invisible traces on the landscape and the local community of the town.


Trevor Flinn, Cecilia Fogelberg

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