The Counting/Ocular Proof

A double bill


Rogue presents a double bill exploring the body’s senses: visual, aural and kinetic.

Ocular Proof investigates the notion that the five senses, in particular the eyes (as betrayers and builders of truth) create what we believe are true experiences of the everyday.

Scoping the counterpoint of metrical and dynamic tensions, The Counting relentlessly pursues the body’s inherent circadian rhythms.

These two new works explore the separation and connection of human experience from its cognitive perception and are presented by Rogue, a brand new collective of dancers determined to exploit the human mind, re-creating the world around us.


This project is part of Things that Dance, a special collection of five 2008 NWF dance shows that have with a special package ticket price of $45 (normal price $83). For all the details click here.


Derrick Amanatidis, Danielle Canavan, Holly Durant, Merryn Heath, Laura Levitus, Kathryn Newnham, Harriet Ritchie, Marisa Wilson, Suhaili Micheline Ahmad Kamil (Performers), Doyle Barrow (Costume Design), Frog Peck (Stage Manager), Rogue (Choreography Ocular Proof), Lachlan Carrick (Music Ocular Proof), Olaf Meyer (Multimedia design), Antony Hamilton (Choreography The Counting), Pansonic (Music The Counting), Ben Cisterne (Lighting Design)

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