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Is the Internet air conditioned? I heard once that all air conditioned space at some point becomes conditional space, and all conditional space turns into junkspace eventually… is internet interaction conditional? Can someone censor out the conditions and just give me the free stuff? Who’s watching over your shoulder as you browse the stock market, buy a new shirt and impersonate a 14-year-old Swedish girl in a chat room? Is anonymity ever truly possible? It seemed that was the utopian ideal at the start, but somewhere along the line there was a typo and two positives somehow made a negative and now anonymity is yesterday’s news… Or maybe it runs deeper than that. Is our desire for establishing identity on the Internet a reflection of a broader social change, a reflection on the way our lives are being lived… Does the commoditisation of identity through self-mediation platforms attest to disenchantment with real life? Is identity the new commodity up for trade, the currency of the 21st century? Rupert thinks so… and I bet his Internet has air conditioning…

text, form is a digital media exhibition that gives viewers a deeply personal and scarily human voyeuristic experience of watching anonymous people’s actions through the Internet. Using an elaborate electro-digital display system, text, form investigates the ethical and moral issues surrounding web user database techniques employed by international companies such as Google and AOL.

After seeing this exhibition, you will think twice about how you use the Internet.

text, form is part of Next Wave’s Remote program of events focussing on screen culture and art.


Alec Lewis

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