Stranger of the Month

Interactive publishing

Stranger of the Month is an amateur publishing project based on novel forms of distribution and collective creativity. As a service for generating instructions for ‘the anonymous other’, Stranger of the Month takes its cue from ‘how to’ manuals, spy novels, new age self-help mantras and minor acts of everyday subversion.

Intended as an artistic interruption in a social situation, the nature of the instruction can assume varied forms. Instructions may provide a remedy to the doldrums of a working life; an awakening to behaviours that are habitual or unconscious; or they could function as a call to action, for the purpose of a particular cause or belief. Alternatively, instructions could operate in a more covert way, to form the beginnings of a game of deception and intrigue.

The artists involved in Stranger of the Month invite you to visit to view the project and find updates.


Stranger of the Month is run by various collaborating artists and strangers and initiated by curator Kerrie-Dee Johns.

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Stranger of the Month