Six Minute Soul Mate


How close can you get in six minutes?

The game begins and the timer is set. A failed karaoke singer emerges under a spotlight singing a morbid love song to a lost lover. In the corner an exhausted couple dance slowly whilst a woman in a white sheet falls to her death and drags her bloodied body across the ground. The music stops. An awkward moment in silence. The buzzer sounds and it is back to the business of finding love. Sixty minutes later and ten transactions wiser you have secured your soul mate …

Six Minute Soul Mate explores the nature of intimacy within the setting of an old halfway house. Brown Council weave short performative vignettes together to create an experience premised on the structure of a speed-dating event. In these moments intimate exchanges occur, causing allusions to intimacy, romance, loneliness and pop culture to collide.

Relax, and let Brown Council wine and dine you …

Presented by Brown Council.


Frances Barrett, Kate Blackmore, Kelly Doley, Diana Smith

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Australia Council
Carlton Hotel
Fdtn for Young Aus