Serial Blogger

Digital narrative, performance installation

Boot up, login and drop dead.

Serial Blogger is a unique digital narrative and performance installation based on a hyper-real crime scene investigation. The project invites audiences to pry into the lives of a group of bloggers who get a little too close to someone stranger than themselves … a serial killer.

Watch video blogs, post comments online and be drawn into this bizarre social network. Develop a morbid fascination with danger that leads you further and further down the rabbit hole as you track down hidden ‘Easter Eggs’ located on touchscreens around the CBD—the deeper you go the more you uncover. Bare witness to deeds most foul—you may even discover a dark side to your own nature.

The story begins online at, where audiences are then lead to Melbourne’s iHub touchscreen units for further clues (see website for map of iHub locations). The adventure concludes at an underground bunker for the macabre finale.

Presented by x:machine.


Olivia Crang (Director), Alex Gibson (Director of New Media), Mark Tregonning (Performer), Fanny Hanusin (Performer), Lily Paskas (Performer), Michael Meneghetti (Performer/Visual Artist), Jarrod Factor (Video Artist), Pierre Proske (Multimedia Artist), Rob Stewart (Sound Artist), Bronwyn Pringle (Lighting Designer), Harriet Oxley (Set and Costume Designer), Meredith Grey (Production Manager)

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Arts House
Arts Vic
Auspice Arts
Australia Council
City of Melb
Digital Spark