Polyphonic's Forum 4

Friends I’ve Never Met


Friends I’ve Never Met will investigate the expansion of virtual communities, investigating the ways that technologies like Facebook, Myspace, Skype, Second Life, YouTube, Flickr and Wikipedia are transforming social relations and behaviour, bringing us closer together as well as keeping us apart. What are the defining characteristics of this new social landscape and how are virtual communities fragmenting and empowering human relationships? In what ways do virtual communities and human social networks overlap? Can virtual communities find equivalence or expression in real life, and is this even desired? Virtual communities are harnessed for so many different intents and purposes – to obtain and share knowledge, to represent one’s self in a particular way, to connect with likeminded people, to advance commercial interests to facilitate social agency and community action, and more. Are virtual communities enabling new insights into the human condition, or are we simply being hoodwinked by hype?

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Christian McCrea, Alex Gibson, Danielle Kirby, Mark Pesce

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