Polyphonic's Keynote Lecture 2

A Practice of Agency


The Movement Movement, based in Toronto, Canada, is an ongoing collaborative art project by visual artist Jessica Rose and dancer Jenn Goodwin. Through The Movement Movement, Jessica and Jenn initiate large-scale public actions in which members of the public are invited to run alongside the artists through various major art museums and institutions of the world. Recently The Movement Movement organised a jogging group of 250 members of the Toronto community to run a 5km course through the Royal Ontario Museum, to considerable critical and public acclaim.

As guests of the 2008 Next Wave Festival, The Movement Movement are undertaking a 4-week residency in Melbourne and participating in Next Wave’s keynote international exhibition and workshop program Unsheltered Workshops. During the Festival, The Movement Movement are organising a unique running event though one of Melbourne’s major arts institutions. To register your interest or to participate on the day please visit www.themovementmovement.ca

For their keynote lecture A Practice of Agency, Jenn and Jessica will outline the history of The Movement Movement project, describing its conceptual and ideological underpinnings and its inclusive social agenda.

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Jenn Goodwin, Jessica Rose

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