Polyphonic's Keynote Lecture 1

Allowed Out to Play: Public Space, Performance Space


Founded in 1998, pvi collective are an independent artist collective based in Perth, Western Australia. Members of the group have backgrounds in visual art, film theory, new media, performance, psychology and live art. Each contributes their skills towards creating tactical media artworks for galleries, public sites and alternative spaces.

pvi’s work hovers somewhere between visual art and contemporary performance. The group have a longstanding pre-occupation with producing work that investigates issues of privacy, surveillance and its impact on social codes of behaviour in the public realm, responding to trends in local and global surveillance and increases in national security. The creation of most of their artworks respond directly to a city, town or site, investigating it’s fears, hopes and concerns about personal freedoms, often offering up darkly humorous survival tactics for living in a panoptic 21st century. pvi often engage the public within their artworks – activating viewers through eccentric acts of intervention, on the streets, on-screen and in any other spaces they can get away with.

For their keynote lecture at the 2008 Next Wave Festival co Artistic Directors Kelli McCluskey and Steve Bull will talk about their work in relation to the Festival theme Closer Together, outlining the group’s history and discussing the importance of having audience interaction within their practice.

About Polyphonic

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Steve Bull and Kelli McCluskey (co Artistic Directors, pvi collective)

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