Please Hold


Performed entirely over a rotary dial telephone, Please Hold is a performance installation that recreates the sensation of an international call; whispering in another’s ear but being 24 hours from touching them.

Using vocal performance, illusion and live sound design, Please Hold examines the intimacy and solitude facilitated by telecommunications. Does such technology encourage us to be further apart by their assurances of bringing us closer together? Invited into a time when telephones were only in hallways and on street corners, a single audience member is engaged in conversation by an unseen other. As narratives of children and domestic disaster move and ensnare, an unexpected shift occurs towards a stunning finale.

With new print technology, customised phones and a team of Melbourne’s finest award-winning performance makers, Please Hold promises an effective and moving escape for the over-communicated.


Declan Kelly (Sound Design and Systems), Halcyon Macleod (Writer/Performer), Alison McNicol (Design), Sam Routledge (Original Concept/Director)

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