Pennies and Pints

Visual art

Pennies and Pints is a large-scale poster that brings to life the many maps, near misses, and apocalyptic moments of Fitzroy’s history.

Artists Anne-Sophie Poirier, Briony Galligan and Rebecca Czapnik examine the bond between people and place through these images, presenting skewed perspectives of the ever-evolving history of Melbourne’s first suburb.

The work, which adorns the outside wall of the Union Club Hotel, invites the viewer into an inauthentic ‘historical world’ of boundaries and streetscapes.

The poster offers a window into the area’s resilience as well as its discord. Through the endless stories about Fitzroy (from the 1905 Mayor who opened the Fitzroy Pool in a small rowing boat, to demolitions, and corruption money pilfered from tip jars), through its images, and through its archives, this graphical mash-up of Fitzroy’s past plays upon memory and nostalgia.


The banner for Pennies and Pints was installed recently at the Union Club Hotel. Here is a video of how they did it:


Rebecca Czapnik, Briony Galligan, Anne-Sophie Poirier

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