Paradise City

Street performance

A skater, a break-dancer, a BMX rider, an acrobat, a dancer and a fallen diva carve out a pleasure ground from a stark urban space in this spectacular fusion of street-style and dance.

See world champions with truly spectacular skills, choreographed in a breathtaking display that sweeps between poetry in motion and the sheer raw energy of a jam. Hear the diva sing against a live score of sumptuous Bach, driving beats, and the crunch of skateboard wheels on concrete.

Watch Australia’s finest urban artists in a battle to reclaim the city with body, board and bike.

An intensely absorbing, lyrical, nightlife street culture fantasia … a work of poetic intensity. RealTime


Lee Wilson (Co-creator/Director), Mirabelle Wouters (Co-creator/Designer), Bob Scott (Composer/Live Sound), Inga Liljeström (Composer/Singer), Alexandra Harrison (Acrobat), Anthony ‘Lamaroc’ Lawang (B-Boy), Simon O’Brien (BMX), Kathryn Puie (Dancer), Petera Hona (Skateboarder), Kate Champion (Creative Consultant), Tristan Taylor (Production Manager), Harley Stumm (Producer)

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