Out of Body Exp


A young man re-compiles himself for the greater good. He falls in and out of habits, patterns, whilst trying to re-map his interface with the modern techno-illogical world and, in doing so, reimages a future.

Adding metal arm extensions and light emitting diodes, expanding human articulation into dynamic augmented forms, he tries to become better. Looking forward, whilst tripping up on the present, will we arrive at a utopia or dystopia?

Out of Body Exp expands current conundrums surrounding the trans-humanist movement. It probes the role of modern augmentation technology and its connection to humanity, relationships and civilization. Out of Body Exp investigates the possible dangers, and benefits, of powerful new technologies that might radically change the conditions of human life.

Out of Body Exp is a solo work of dance-theatre by multiple Fringe Festival award winning performer Keith Lim, with a score composed by Jon Creenaune.


This project is part of Things that Dance, a special collection of five 2008 NWF dance shows that have with a special package ticket price of $45 (normal price $83). For all the details click here.


Performer/Devisor: Keith Lim; Sound composition: Jon Creenaune; Costume: Kate Shanahan; Set Design: Joe Au; Lighting design: Sydney Bouhaniche; Props consultant: Steve Howarth.

Artistic Consultants/Mentors: Kate Champion, Scott Wright, Chris Ryan, Caitlin Newton-Board

Dramaturgical collaborators: Ash Dyer, Teik Kim Poik, Sally Lewry, Christina De Mello, Carolyn Eccles

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Arts Centre
Australia Council
City of Melb
Performance Space at Carriageworks
UNSW School of Media