Oscillating Landscape

Audio-visual installation

In Oscillating Landscape, photo-based imagery and sounds drawn from the urban environments of both Australia and Japan merge and entwine to create an immersive installation that will transport you to another time and place.

Images, serene and painterly, blend into the gallery walls as layered sounds vibrate from an unknown source, and controlled lighting mimics the passing of daylight. Intangible yet tactile, the work stimulates both an emotional and physical response, evoking sensations that are shared in all cultures and backgrounds, encouraging closer relationships between self and surroundings.

Poetically understated in its aesthetic, Oscillating Landscape places great emphasis on space and silence between the images and sounds. This is in reference to the Japanese cultural concept, ma, meaning a ‘between-ness’ or gap in space and time, and further encourages contemplation as well as personal and emotional engagement with the work.

Oscillating Landscape is a hauntingly beautiful imaginary world that draws us closer together by stripping back cultural divisions and differences and exposing human connections within contemporary society.


Utako Shindo

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