Objects in Space

Visual art

Objects in Space is a series of surprising art encounters dispersed across the city. Cheeky interventions into the functional spaces of Melbourne’s galleries, such as video art in bookshelves, installations under stairs and hidden drawings, make up a scattered swarm of quiet moments, forming a miniaturised and parasitic version of the visual arts program of the 2008 Next Wave Festival.

Objects in Space is a play on the structure of a group show. Like most group shows, the works are linked by a shared logic—a focus on small works with a sly and skittish approach to site specificity—but unlike other group shows, Objects in Space is not linked by the geography of a single room. The project forms a network that refutes proximity as a reason for connection.

In essence, Objects in Space involves the work of over twenty young artists in as many locations. The accompanying catalogue and website invite the audience to hunt out these small and unassuming works, designed to provide unexpected connections between art, audience and anticipation.

Curated by Imogen Beynon, Kel Glaister and Tamsin Green.


Andrew Atchinson, Imogen Beynon, BIld, Kel Glaister, Tamsin Green, Ardi Gunawan, Hao Guo, Sarah Holbery, Yvette King, Robert Lenard, Amy Marjoram, Alex Martinis Roe, Anna-Maria O’Keefe, Stephen Palmer, Simon Pericich, Michael Prior, Nathan Pye, Ben Raynor, Thea Rechner, Carl Scrase, Julian Tuckett, Renee Ugazio, Melanie Upton, Keith Wong

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