Moving Document

Supermarket Exhibition

Video installation

Kay Abude works in a supermarket. While at work, she often thinks about the sterility of the supermarket environment and wonders how she could change things inside the store to disrupt the order—to make her own interventions.

So she did just that. For two hours, a run-of-the-mill supermarket in suburban Melbourne opened for an exhibition, where video footage from Kay’s Duration Works: Product Drawing Series, 2007—an earlier supermarket intervention work—was displayed within the shopping aisles. The store became operational as a gallery, complete with patrons, security guards and an opening night cart supplying refreshments and drinks. The event, temporal and impermanent in its constructed site, slipped under the radar of the general consumer public, ceasing to exist other than in its documentation thereafter.

In Moving Document: Supermarket Exhibition, footage of this event forms a video triptych exploring the idea of documentation in contemporary art. Moving Document: Supermarket Exhibition exploits the surreal nature of activities which occur behind the closed doors of a banal supermarket space.

Moving Document is part of Next Wave’s Remote program of events focussing on screen culture and art.


Kay Abude

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