Kids Can Get Lost


In the vast concrete floodway under the red and yellow stick gateway to Melbourne, some rogue occupational health and safety officers are crash testing the great Australian holiday.

An audience is invited to witness: A Car, A Nuclear Family and a Collapsible Picnic Table dropped into the testing ground. A place that is reminiscent of MTV video clips, Hollywood car chases and disaster movies. Many dangers lay along the road: a flat tyre, deadly wildlife, hitchhiking serial killers, domestic disputes and flash floods. Will the family survive this twisted experiment and succumb to the bureaucratic coercion of occupational health and safety manuals, insurance premiums and risk management guidelines?

The solution was simple.

Suddenly high-vis outfits, OH&S choreography and fluoro safety equipment joined forces with Gary Numan and Devo to create the ultimate counter-strike.

Kids Can Get Lost is a mashed up expression of Australian culture, juxtaposing romanticised notions of the outback with a contemporary urban place.

Presented by Spilt Second.

PLEASE NOTE These performances are outside, please wear suitably warm clothing and shoes for walking. In case of extreme weather this show may be cancelled and you will receive a full refund. If you are concerned about the weather on the day of your performance please call Matthew Kneale on 0422 818 562


Spilt Second: Matthew Kneale, Paul Bongiorno, Reuben Brown, Josh Cassidy, Esther Hayes, Dan Koerner, Haruna Noda, Aaron Orzech, Rob Stewart, Laura Stitzel

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