Inside Outside Inside On

New media installation

Inside Outside Inside On is an immersive, collaborative installation and animation project. Presenting a synthetic environment that mirrors a natural environment, this project combines real footage with animation and sound to investigate the impact of technology and its mediating role in our experience of the natural world.

Artists James Brown and Kenzie McKenzie have created a temporary room inside Seventh Gallery, the ceiling of which is a giant projection screen where live footage of a blue sky and mutating fluffy clouds mesmerises the audience members lying below. The automated, animated simulation allows the viewer to dwell on the imaginative potential of the sky as the mind conjures devices to understand non-objective ‘blobjects’ and expansive spaces, thus encouraging elusive narratives that are as temporal as the shifting clouds.

Inside Outside Inside On aims to engage adults and children alike, encouraging a multilayered dialogue about modern technology and its present and potential future effect on our perception of the world.


James Brown, Kenzie McKenzie

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