I Wish I Could Show You

Video, web

Got something to confess? Have a precious moment to share? Visit www.iwishicouldshowyou.com to make all your private moments public.

Pip Stafford wants you to open up online. She wants you to divulge your secrets, share your beautiful moments and expose a snapshot of your world. Pip, a Tasmanian based artist, is the creator of iwishicouldshowyou.com, an internet site that is seeking videos made using mobile telephones.

iwishicouldshowyou.com is a database of anonymous video messages. These videos might be confessions, snippets of life, catharsis, love and hate letters, documentaries—anything you want them to be.

During the 2008 Next Wave Festival, I Wish I Could Show You will be live at Horse Bazaar, and viewers are invited to come, view posted videos or post your own videos. Maybe you’ll see a video by someone you know?


Pip Stafford

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