House Proud

Site-specific installations

What do the colours of the cushions on our couch and the type of music in our CD collection say about us? Could those empty beer bottles and pizza boxes from last Friday night be the making of a masterpiece?

House Proud explores what happens when seven contemporary artists treat seven strangers’ homes as both a gallery and the source of their inspiration. House Proud gives audiences a chance to not only meet the people who live there, but to encounter a series of rare, one-off, creative insights and interpretations of these private domestic spaces.

Over seven separate one-day events across the Festival, residents around Melbourne are inviting viewers into their homes to view site-specific installations created by seven exciting emerging artists from Melbourne. Each artist’s work responds to the different elements of the residential space, the people that live there, their personal belongings, their collections and styles. Much like a real estate open-house inspection, each home displays a red flag attracting curious audiences and inviting people to experience a one off event that challenges the very notions of collecting artwork and of personal space. This is infinitely more interesting than snooping around that open house next door on a Saturday morning.

Curated by Tai Snaith


Conrad Dudley Bateman, Kotoe Ishii, Alex Martinis Roe, Rowan McNaught, Miso and Ghostpatrol, Carl Scrase, Emile Zile

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Collins Quarter
Hocking Stewart
House Proud
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