New media performance

Pack your suitcase and come fly with us.

At the last Next Wave Festival spat+loogie indulged your consumer desires at the hyper-real supermarket NEW!shop. Their interactive installation was a hit with more than 800 satisfied shoppers. Now it’s time to travel with spat+loogie on holiday. Swim in the natural video spring and sip from a tropical cocktail of performance, intimate cinema, sensory overload and explosive experiences. This is tacky tourism at its very worst.

Blow your nose, clean your ears, scrub your skin and prepare for a sensory adventure without leaving the comfort of your seat. Friendly flight attendants will ensure your trip is comfortable and will assist you to visit all corners of the globe, collecting souvenirs, sunburns and breathtaking scenery each step of the way. This deeply intimate experience uses touch, smell and video goggles to create a tongue-in-cheek virtual holiday. All passengers must arrive five minutes before take-off to allow for check in, security checks, fingerprinting and passport inspection.

Presented by spat+loogie.


spat+loogie: Kat Barron, Naomi Derrick, Teik Kim Pok, Lara Thoms

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