Four Rogues


A giant heatproof man shovels the contents of the entire world into the furnace; a housebound middle-aged man delivers his tirade to a young innocent about the dangers of the world outside the loungeroom; a dishevelled hermit of a man develops an obsessive relationship with the ghost of his dead wife; two sodden sailors battle the terrors of the deep, whilst grappling with each other over the affections of the long since drowned maiden, Maree.

Four Rogues is a series of four vignettes, merging live storytelling music with highly expressive visual theatre, creating an atmospherically rich performance. Like a giant Victorian era optical toy, a sliding wooden screen is pushed aside to reveal each unique piece of the show.

Four Rogues promises uproariously unique live music, aural atmospheres and informative narration from Pete and the Tar Gang as they stomp, wail, clang, thud and roar through four short performances of ramshackle and ‘rogue-ish’ intrigue.

“The Tar Gang is a rollicking ride on a leaky vessel lost in the North Sea and accompanied by madmen. It’s hiding in a barn from blunderbuss attack as dogs bark forlornly. There are elements of Dickens, Edgar Allen Poe, David Lynch.” The Fly Newspaper

Presented by Pete and the Tar Gang.


Peter Reid (Creator/Performer), Jean Macarthur Brown (Musician), Kirri Buchler (Musician), Sean Louth-Robins (Musician), Carla Ori (Musician), Carmen Reid (Construction/Creation), Will Tait (Musician)

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