Falling For Frank


We all fall. We fall in love, we fall asleep, we fall from grace. Falling is a part of living.

Frank, knowing this, has set himself the challenge of dodging the falls. For him, avoiding highs is an exercise in risk management. Keeping low – a lifestyle choice.

Frank is a spectator and he witnesses the chaos in the lives around him with secure detachment.

Bryan and Michelle’s wedding lurks ever closer and Frank has noticed that Michelle’s looking pale. Meanwhile, the beautiful Beth entertains him with her dramatic fantasies of tragedy and doom. If he could just shake that lingering sense of foreboding that their lives are spinning out of control and looming perilously close to his view of the television. A mutual and shared destruction has overtaken the household, escalating at a scale such that participation may be unavoidable.

Will Frank relinquish his position in the comfy chair and stand up for those he loves?

A dance thriller of sorts, Falling For Frank unfolds through a combination of high impact physical theatre, lulling melody and wicked black humour. Falling For Frank is a left-of-centre breath of fresh air from South Australia’s hottest young dance artists.


This project is part of Things that Dance, a special collection of five 2008 NWF dance shows that have with a special package ticket price of $45 (normal price $83). For all the details click here.


Kelly Alexander, Carlie Angel, Dave Bailiht, Ninian Donald, Adam Page

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