Dear Art, Please Touch Me


Dear Art, Please Touch Me is an unusual audio tour which reanimates the iconic works of the National Gallery of Victoria’s Australian art collection with the voices and opinions of a diverse collection of public viewers.

It’s like walking through the gallery with a strange group of friends whispering into your ear. You have no idea who will speak to you next, what they will reveal to you or the strange sounds that will resonate from their words.

Sound and performance artist Danielle Freakley has worked with Western Australian sound artist and audio engineer Elizabeth McGechie to record a series of disarmingly honest responses to the NGV’s works, from a diverse cross-section of the Australian community. Intertwined with subtle soundscapes, the audio guide presents rare personal anecdotes relating to the NGV Australian collection: listeners are able to experience intimate stories, gut reactions, wild theories and imaginative surmises from a range of eccentric, wondrous, aggressive and charming commentators.

Any critique on art is highly subjective, and so Dear Art, Please Touch Me aims to celebrate this subjectivity, revealing what the general public wish they could express about artwork, but feel they can’t in a gallery space.

You will never be able to look at the same artwork again once you have seen it through the eyes of an angry virgin, an edgy toddler, a poetic policeman, domineering mother or a red-bearded sailor.

Click here to go to Danielle’s site to listen to the audio files used in the tour.


Danielle Freakley and Elizabeth McGechie.

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