That Which Should Be Cared About

Inter-media and visual art

Presented by 80% Water, Curandum is a group exhibition under the direction of regionally based curator, Raymond Wholohan.

Incorporating artists from Wagga Wagga and Melbourne, Curandum questions the conditions in which art is curated, conserved, controlled and presented to the public by institutions and so-called ‘art experts’. Curandum invites artists to directly intervene in this process, creating critical, imaginative and often humorous artworks which playfully critique the extra baggage these institutions add to the presentation and reception of art.

What is the role of the arts authority and how do they influence the creative practitioner? Curandum is a departure from traditional curatorial models and a call for a more active and playful response from artists, audiences and curators alike.


Raymond Wholohan (Curator), Melissa Delaney, Drew Halyday, Jamie Holcombe, Simon Matthews, Zoe Steers, Joel Thogersen.

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80% Water
Australia Council
Regional Arts NSW
Victoria Park Gallery