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180 Seconds in Heaven or Hell – The Brown Council, Jenn Goodwin, Post, Rogue, spat+loogie, The Suitcase Royale, Jon Pak, special guests… 2008 Next Wave Festival Club 2020? – Ash Keating, with Kay Abude, Campbell Drake, Ardi Gunawan, James Guerts, Bianca Hester, Inverted Topology… Absence – Hiromi Tango, in collaboration with the people of Melbourne Agents of Proximity – Amy Spiers, Victoria Stead Beautiful Trash – Mel Upton Compose Yourself – Various The Counting/Ocular Proof – Derrick Amanatidis, Danielle Canavan, Holly Durant, Merryn Heath, Laura Levitus, Kathryn Newnham, Harriet Ritchie, Marisa… Curandum – Raymond Wholohan (Curator), Melissa Delaney, Drew Halyday, Jamie Holcombe, Simon Matthews, Zoe Steers, Joel Thogersen.… Dear Art, Please Touch Me – Danielle Freakley and Elizabeth McGechie. En Plein Air – Karl Logge, Tessa Rapaport Esky – Keg de Souza, Christie Petsinis Falling For Frank – Kelly Alexander, Carlie Angel, Dave Bailiht, Ninian Donald, Adam Page Foma – Ellen Coyle Four Rogues – Peter Reid (Creator/Performer), Jean Macarthur Brown (Musician), Kirri Buchler (Musician), Sean Louth-Robins (Musician), Carla Ori… Hockey Plot – Rehgan De Mather, Brodie Ellis, Karen Heath, Kylie Ligertwood, Maria-Luisa Marino, Simon Pericich Holiday – spat+loogie: Kat Barron, Naomi Derrick, Teik Kim Pok, Lara Thoms House Proud – Conrad Dudley Bateman, Kotoe Ishii, Alex Martinis Roe, Rowan McNaught, Miso and Ghostpatrol, Carl Scrase… I Wish I Could Show You – Pip Stafford Imagine Me & You, I Do – Kirsty Hulm Inside Outside Inside On – James Brown, Kenzie McKenzie Just Filling In – Sarah Cartwright, Gala Moody, Laura Wills, Alisdair Macindoe. Operations Manager: Stephanie Kabanyana Just Like Home – Lisa Hilli Kids Can Get Lost – Spilt Second: Matthew Kneale, Paul Bongiorno, Reuben Brown, Josh Cassidy, Esther Hayes, Dan Koerner, Haruna… Land Inspection Now Open – David Short Membrane – Various ARIs : Boxcopy Contemporary Art Space (QLD), Breadbox Gallery (WA), Chalk Horse (NSW), Conical… Molto Morte – Blaine Cooper, Jon Oldmeadow, Lillian O’Neil Moving Document – Kay Abude Nightclub 1 – Zoe Coombs Marr, Luke George, Amber Haines & Lily Paskas, Kate Just, Alex Martinis Roe… Nightclub 2 – 4 Eva More, Andrew Atchison, Timothy Kendall Edser, Electra Foley, Tetronomicon (Janie Gibson & Phoebe… The Nightclub Project Not Really Aboriginal – Bindi Cole Objects in Space – Andrew Atchinson, Imogen Beynon, BIld, Kel Glaister, Tamsin Green, Ardi Gunawan, Hao Guo, Sarah Holbery… Occasional Tables – Roderick Sprigg Open Embrace – Julie Traitsis Oscillating Landscape – Utako Shindo Out of Body Exp – Performer/Devisor: Keith Lim; Sound composition: Jon Creenaune; Costume: Kate Shanahan; Set Design: Joe Au; Lighting… Paper Wall – Carly Preston Paradise City – Lee Wilson (Co-creator/Director), Mirabelle Wouters (Co-creator/Designer), Bob Scott (Composer/Live Sound), Inga Liljeström (Composer/Singer), Alexandra Harrison… Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain – Alisdair Macindoe, Cobie Orger, Simon Charles, Rod Cooper, Kynan Hughes, Adam Synnot, Hamish Macindoe, Elizabeth… Pennies and Pints – Rebecca Czapnik, Briony Galligan, Anne-Sophie Poirier Please Hold – Declan Kelly (Sound Design and Systems), Halcyon Macleod (Writer/Performer), Alison McNicol (Design), Sam Routledge (Original… Polyphonic – Various artists, speakers, curators and workshop presenters are involved in Polyphonic. Please check each project… Polyphonic - Publication Launch – Beth Arnold Polyphonic's Forum 1 – Martyn Coutts (Chair), Kylie Belling, Matthew Kneale, post (Zoe Coombs Marr, Mish Grigor, Natalie Rose)… Polyphonic's Forum 2 – Lucinda Strahan, Ben Frost, Penny Modra, Sebastian Moody Polyphonic's Forum 3 – Anna Tweeddale, Keg de Souza, Michaela Gleave, Mirjam Struppek Polyphonic's Forum 4 – Christian McCrea, Alex Gibson, Danielle Kirby, Mark Pesce Polyphonic's Keynote Lecture 1 – Steve Bull and Kelli McCluskey (co Artistic Directors, pvi collective) Polyphonic's Keynote Lecture 2 – Jenn Goodwin, Jessica Rose Polyphonic's Workshop 1 – Nic Low Polyphonic's Workshop 2 – Rosemary Forde Polyphonic's Workshop 3 – Jenn Goodwin Polyphonic's Workshop 4 – Jonathan Pak Polyphonic's Workshop 5 – Laura Sheedy Polyphonic's Workshop 6 – Bindi Cole, Lionel Austin and Jirra Lulla Harvey. The Puma, The Stranger & The Mountain – Trevor Flinn, Cecilia Fogelberg Remote – Various artists across five projects and two special events. Remote: Closing Party – Lisa Hilli Remote: Forum – Alec Lewis, Julie Traitsis, Emile Zile, Saige Walton (Chair) Serial Blogger – Olivia Crang (Director), Alex Gibson (Director of New Media), Mark Tregonning (Performer), Fanny Hanusin (Performer)… Six Minute Soul Mate – Frances Barrett, Kate Blackmore, Kelly Doley, Diana Smith Spinning – Kotoe Ishii Stranger of the Month – _Stranger of the Month_ is run by various collaborating artists and strangers and initiated by… The Super Pit – Brodie Ellis, with credit due to Jeremy Jones (Botanist) Sweet Region – Megan Beckwith, Kim Chalmers, Tom Halls, Morgan Healy, Sally Hederics, Seung Hi Lee, Daniel Newell… Swimming Home in Heels – Zoe Coombs Marr, Mish Grigor, Natalie Rose The Telepathy Project – Sean Peoples, Veronica Kent The Tent – Matthew Prest (Project Director, Performer), Clare Britton (Co-devisor, Puppet and Set Design), Daniel Egger (Conceptual… text, form – Alec Lewis This Is Now – Sebastian Moody Tracts – Ben Byrne (Curator), Matt Chaumont, Adam Costenoble, Thembi Soddell Unsheltered Workshops – Liz Allan (New Zealand), Lynne Chan (USA), Evergreen Terrace (Liv Barrett & James Deutsher, Australia)… Urgent – Julia Torpey (Director), Richard McKinnon (Designer), Glenn Shea (Directing Mentor), Robyne Latham (Production Consultant), Tanja… We Are Hidden And We Can See You. We Are Hidden And You Can See Us. – Shae Nagorcka (Curator). Gwenneth Boelens, Eric Demetriou, Helen Grogan, Tess McKenzie, Nick Selenitsch, Jacob Weiss… Wrong Skin – Allan Clarke, Colin Kinchela, Mathew Shields Yelling at Stars – Willoh S. Weiland (Project Director/Writer/Performer), Andrew Fraser (Video and Web Design), Billow & Wry (Art…