Next Wave, Post-Festival

The 2008 Next Wave Festival finishes when the glasses have been cleared, the cowboy hats are hung up (check out The Safari Team’s show) and the hotels and laneways of Melbourne have been hosed down to their usual functioning state.

But wipe away those tears of sorrow because even though our next Festival won’t be until 2010, Next Wave the organisation continues on, and there are plenty of ways to get involved in post-Festival events. Significantly, our two big regional touring shows, Come on the Scene _and _Sweet Region, amp up in June 2008, and we will begin calling out for new Kickstart artists at the end of this year.

Come on the Scene

Curated by Artistic Director Jeff Khan and Regional Next Wave Associate Producer Tamara Marwood, Come on the Scene presents the work of five young regionally-based contemporary artists who will transform their regional communities through their creative practices.

Based in diverse locations across regional Victoria, the artists’ projects will include new media, sculpture, painting, printmaking and installation work. Each artist’s work will have a connection to the people and communities who characterise their regional centre and will combine their skilful, intricate, and often witty approaches to art-making.

From Jeff Khan:

‘Come on the Scene will provide a fresh perspective on regional Australia and the role of art in fostering a new sense of community and connectedness. Come on the Scene celebrates both the establishment of these artists within their regional locales and the power of young contemporary artists to create new connections between themselves and the wider public.’

Sweet Region

Also touring post-Festival is Sweet Region, the 2008 Next Wave Festival show featuring the work of five young, regionally-based, contemporary choreographers/dancers/artists who also work within their communities to develop their work.

Although Sweet Region is a dance-based initiative, under the mentorship of Natalie Cursio, it also encompasses other creative languages including video animation and live music. Hailing from Bendigo, Geelong, Mildura and Warrnambool, the artists’ influences, practices and movement styles are diverse, carving out their own sense of people and place.

Sweet Region will be touring to the artists’ hometowns of Bendigo, Geelong, Warrnambool and Mildura in late 2008.

Hockey Plot

The 2008 Next Wave Festival’s Regional Emerging Curators Program Hockey Plot will continue to take collaborations between Gippsland and Melbourne-based artists to audiences in regional Victoria post-Festival. Centres include the Gippsland Art Gallery, Sale, 5th July to 3rd August, and to Cowwarr Art Space, Cowwarr, 9th August to the 9th of September, 2008.

Hockey Plot actively bridges the geographical and socio-cultural space between regional and metropolitan based artists, and brings artists from disparate art practices together, transcending artistic boundaries and forging new partnerships and using innovative means of communication to achieve this.

Hockey Plot is curated by Claire Watson and features work by Rehgan De Mather, Brodie Ellis, Karen Heath, Kylie Ligertwood, Maria-Luisa Marino, Simon Pericich.

Next Wave Kickstart 2009

In the lead up to the next Next Wave Festival, all the way off in 2010, we will again run Kickstart, our major non-Festival year developmental activity.

Kickstart is a program that helps emerging artists develop new work for the Festival. Kickstart 2009 projects will be developed with a view towards inclusion in the 2010 Next Wave Festival and will be a response to that upcoming Festival’s theme. Successful Kickstart 2009 applicants are eligible for support which includes financial assistance, creative development, budgeting and marketing advice, feedback, administrative advice and support from the Next Wave team.

The Kickstart program is open to individuals, groups and organisations representing artists provided they are within the Next Wave age group (18 to 30). While acceptance into the Kickstart program doesn’t necessarily guarantee inclusion in the Next Wave Festival, a very large number of projects from the 2007 Next Wave Kickstart developmental program found a home in the 2008 Next Wave Festival.

2007 Next Wave Kickstart artists include: Post; ROGUE; Objects in Space; Makeshift; Sam Routledge, Halcyon Macleod and Declan Kelly; Dynamic Space Services; Spilt Second; Agents of Proximity; Matthew Prest.

Plus the work of the following artists who developed solo and curated projects: Sebastian Moody; Kerrie-Dee Johns; Hiromi Tango; Timothy Edser; Keith Lim; Willoh Weiland; Danielle Freakley.

Next Wave Kickstart 2009 will be launched later this year.